Version 0.5.2

  • added documentation for scatter plots
  • added jitter to scatter plots
  • added log scale to scatter plots
  • more notebooks

Version 0.5.1

  • stem_text legend fix
  • missed adding the code for scatter plots
  • more notebooks

Version 0.5.0

Major new release.

  • All 0.4.0 private changes were merged
  • new module stemgraphic.alpha:
  • n-gram support
  • stem_graphic supporting categorical
  • stem_graphic supporting text
  • stem_text supporting categorical
  • stem_text supporting text
  • stem command line supporting categorical when column specified
  • heatmap for n-grams
  • heatmap grid to compare multiple text sources
  • Frobenius norm on diff matrices
  • radar plot with Levenshtein distance
  • frequency plot (bar, barh, hist, area, pie)
  • sunburst char
  • interactive charts with cufflinks
  • new module stemgraphic.num to match .alpha
  • stop word dictionaries for English, Spanish and French
  • Massively improved documentation of modules and functions
  • Improved HTML documentation
  • Improved PDF documentation

Version 0.4.0

Internal release for customer.

  • Added Heatmap

  • Basic PDF documentation

  • Quickstart notebook

Version 0.3.7

Matploblib 2.0 compatibility

Version 0.3.6

  • Persist sample from command line tool (-k filename.pkl or -k filename.csv).

  • Windows compatible bat file wrapper (stem.bat).

  • Added full command line access to dask distributed server (-d, -s, use file in '' when using glob / wildcard).

  • For operations with dask, performance has been increased by 25% in this latest release, by doing a compute once of min, max and count all at once. Count replaces len(x).

Older changes

Added the companion PDF as it will be presented at PyData Carolinas 2016.